Last week, I was asked to make a minimum of 7 lap quilts within seven months. After assessing the customer’s needs, my mind drifted off to la-la land because I couldn’t process what I was being asked to deliver. They wanted Hawaiian quilts.

You may already know the process involved in making a Hawaiian quilt. If you don’t, let me be the first to tell you that it is all hand applique and hand quilting. After a few days of mulling the idea over without coming to a conclusion, I resorted to prayer – awaiting an answer on whether or not to take on this project.

The major struggle was knowing that if I took these quilts on, all of my spare time would be spent making them. I would have to get other people to do my chores, and I would have to put any travel plans on hold. What’s more, money didn’t factor into the decision. It simply came down to whether I had the time and effort to put into these quilts, not to mention whether the customer would be happy with the final product.

I knew my question was answered when I came home from church, walked into my studio, and headed straight into my closet where I store my fabric.

One of the customer’s suggestions was to use the colors and flowers of the Hawaiian Islands, namely:

Big Island: Red, Lehua

Maui: Pink, Lokelani rose

Lanai: Orange, Kaunaoa

Kahoolawe: Gray, Hinahina plant

Molokai: Green, Kukui Nut flower

Oahu: Yellow, Ilima

Kauai: Purple, Mokihana berry

Niihau: White, White pupu shell

Knowing that I needed to choose the simplest patterns to complete this project, I chose orange as my first color (Lanai) and paired it with the Plumeria.

Now I am off to get started on the applique. I will keep you posted as I go along.

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