I have been quilting now for over 20 years. I learned through trial and error over the years with no help from anyone. Did I know how to run a sewing machine? Yes! But how to cut the pieces using a rotary cutter and ruler? No! I thought I knew how to use the ruler and rotary cutter. But when I sew the pieces together, my points wouldn’t meet. *ugh* This is the most frustrating part of quilting. CUTTING! If I could hire someone to cut my pieces, I will definitely use them.

No matter how long you’ve been quilting,  we always learn a new trick.

Quilter’s Blogs & Websites: As you all know, there are a lot of quilters who have been blogging for years. I used to Google “quilt blogs.”  Here was the result, Top 100 Quilting Blogs & Websites for Quilters in 2020. This site is a listing of all, not just the top 100 blogs and websites, but every quilting blogs and websites in the cyber world. I came across Feedspot. In my opinion, this is one great way to see what other quilters are working on, their style of quilting, tips, and tricks to the trade, etc. also if you created a blog or website, and want more traffic, Feedspot is the website to list your blog or website.

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