Not sewing or organizing in my studio. I had a few running around to do in town. I had an early hearing aid appointment. It went well. I have to go every three months to have my device checked because of the high humidity. I’ve had my aid for two years before I had to replace it. So I am happy it is still good.

I had an hour of free time before my pooch, Kappy’s grooming appointment. Off we went to Petco. Now this darn guy was perfect UNTIL I decided to walk around the mall with him to get my walking exercise in.  We were halfway around the mall before he decided to stop and do his #2!!!!! Luckily the stores weren’t open yet. Thank God I came prepared, I had a plastic bag in my purse and immediately cleaned up his mess. What I didn’t realize was the security guard was watching. After I picked it up, he thanked me! I was confused because no one ever “thanks” me for picking up poop. LOL! Anyway, I was apologetic and the rest of our walk, I was scolding him!

After dropping off Kappy, I had two hours to kill. I ran into Ross store, and I returned to my car, I noticed Mauna Kea. WOW, snow! Yes, Snow in Hawaii, folks.

I just sat in my car, staring at the mountain, relaxing a few moments before I head to Target. I had to purchase a tv for my studio. I bought a bigger size. The one I have is way too small for me.

I just purchased his new chair for when he is in the car with me.

That was my day. Now, if I were on the mainland, I would be stopping at a quilt shop. Here, we are constrained. There is a quilt shop in town, but they are only open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. *sigh*

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