I thought I was a Pinterest junkie. However, after discovering Instagram, I think I am the BIGGEST IG junkie. HA! [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://themeisle.com/feed” offset=”0″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”12_hours” summary=”yes” ]I spend hours and hours on IG,  gleaming and awwing at everything and anything! All the beautiful quilt designs, colors of fabrics, etc., I could go on and on. I follow quite a bit of accounts on IG,  but  I have to admit; there are a few accounts that I absolutely love. I love it so much that I have notifications when they post a video or story.

  1. @DaughtersStPaul: I love reading about their everyday lives. Not the kind of nuns I was used to when going to school. These nuns are so hip, friendly and I love them.
  2. @1bike1world: Dean is a Scot that is cycling the world. He began his journey a year ago, starting from his hometown, Dunbar, Scotland.  Now in Turkey. During his trip, last December and cycling around Montenegro heard a cry. I won’t say more, you will have to see his video on that day. I promise you won’t be disappointed. To see his video footage of that particular day, click here.
  3. @kellyulrich: Kelly Ulrich is an amazing artist. She is my all-time favorite cartoon artist. Her drawings are amazing, and I love her! She is currently following @1bike1world on IG. Her daily illustrations are based on Dean’s (@1bike1world) post for the day. Kelly captures the moment in the drawing. Of all the characters in her cartoons, Vinny & Nala are my favorite. Check out her cartoons.

Yes, folks, I am an Instagram junkie. Are you?



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