Throughout the past 20 plus years that I’ve been sewing, Pfaff machines have been my favorite. From the time I started using them, I was sold on their integrated dual transportation that enabled me to do perfect seams, dense fabric with ease, and interchangeable feet. To this day, I regret selling my Pfaff Performance 2058. It was so easy to use, but the throat space was too small.

Eventually, I opted for the Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0, but it came with nothing but problems – from thread breakage to error messages. After arguing with the dealer and manufacturer, I looked into Bernina sewing machines and was able to find the Artista 200 on eBay.

Thrilled with my decision, I loved the ease of how it ran and the stitch quality. In the years that followed, I bought an Artista 730 and 820. I kept the Artista 200 for a spare for when I attended classes and on retreats because it was more portable. I was in heaven!

All hell broke loose after moving to Hawaii

Shortly after we relocated to Hawaii, all three of my Berninas died. The downward spiral began with my 730 model. After turning the power on, nothing happened. I needed a new motherboard, but (after shipping), it would have cost me $680.00. Knowing I had to say goodbye, I went home to set up my 820 model and thought, ‘everything will be OK.’ Tragically, the same thing happened.

Gut-wrenched, I set up my Artista 200, turned the power on, and it died on the table. The only thing I could do was sit and cry. My husband came in to check on me and saw me crying. When I told him about the machines, I knew he was overwhelmed that I needed a new one.

Then I met “Bro.”

The next day, I returned to the repairman and asked for his advice. He told me to buy a simple machine with no motherboard because they cannot withstand the humidity of the Big Island. Specifically, he recommended the Brother PQ1500 and suggested that I keep the sewing machine turned on for a few days after I sew. This technique keeps the sewing machine warm so that moisture cannot get into its guts.

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