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This year I wanted to do something for babies. I knew I could whip up some bibs, receiving blankets and burpee cloths. I came across an article in our local newspaper about The Fraternal Eagles, giving gift baskets to babies who are born on Christmas. Friends of mine are members of The Fraternal Eagles and immediately contacted them. From there, I went to work. I sewed nine bibs, two receiving blankets, and nine burpee cloths. I found a free tutorial on all the items.  I knew I wanted to use 30’s reproductions fabrics. I have a four-tier wire mesh shelving FULL of 30’s reproduction fabrics. As you can see in the photos, they came out really cute. I am happy how they turned out!

I am really happy how everything turned out. They were all fun to make and every piece, I said a prayer. (8

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