Every Sunday after church, I like to come home and hide out in my studio. The first thing I would do is check emails, get caught up on Instagram and Pinterest.  This is my way of getting my mind and body in a relaxed mood before sewing.

As some of you know, I am a follower of @1bike1world on IG. I love seeing Dean and Nala’s journey around the world. They are currently in Serbia for a few days. Every Sunday, he will post a video of their journey.

I have posted his current video. What I like about his videos is that it is not boring at all! I eww and aww throughout the video, Today though, I squealed at the surprise he sprung upon us followers. He wrote a book! YAY!!! I have been hoping he would or someone would publish a book. There is already Kelly from @Kellyurichartist who drawing comics of their journey. Anyhow, I just pre-ordered his book. The book will come available in September 2020.  I am so curious to read more about their journey. If you are interested, click on the image below. I have linked it for you if interested in buying his book.


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